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I’m Getting Wiser

Up until this summer, I never slept in. Ever. Did you remember that I’m a teacher? That for the past 12 years (minus the years when I had little babies and was up anyway) I could have slept in for 3 months out of the year? But no, not me. I’d still get up at 5:15 and head to the gym like I do every day. I’d work out and be home by seven. To a quiet house. With nothing going on for the rest of the day except the usual summer stuff of going to the pool, playing catch, making lunch and dinner.

There was no reason why I needed to get up that early.

I think I felt like the world would collapse if I got out of my routine. I’m a very schedule/routine oriented girl and the thought of not following my usual routine would make me crazy. But this summer I decided to try it. I suppose your laughing at me right now because what teacher married to a teacher would get up at the crack of dawn every day when you could sleep in with your spouse every morning and be lazy? Well, gulp, me.

Until now.

I’ve slept in every day. Matt and I have stayed up late watching movies or reading out on the porch. We sleep in until we wake up and then have a relaxing morning of breakfast, coffee and reading before getting on with the day. It’s been wonderful. It’s been so relaxing. And I have so much more energy. When I get to my workout later in the day, it feels good because I’m well-rested. When the boys want to play catch or jump on the trampoline after dinner, I’m ready instead of exhausted. The world didn’t collapse or stop turning either. It’s been a really good feeling to try something new and out of my comfort zone.

I’m getting wiser in my old age…and I’m loving it.