Flashback Series

Our Love Story

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII


Part IX

Part X

Part XI

Part XII

Our Kids






Sugar and Spice

She’s Here

Confused and Exhausted

Her World Collapses

Spreading the News

Alone for the First Time

Hiding Away

On Her Way

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

Surprise, Surprise

It’s a BOY? A Boy?!?

One Year Old and One On the Way

Going Home with Two

Hanging in There

Turning Point

A New Chapter

Baby Girl and School

Trying for Another

Making Progress

Another Boy

Here He Comes

Sweet Pea

Christmas in the PICU

Scary Times

Almost Lost

Breaking Point


On the Mend

Making Strides

Dog Days

The Playdate

Little Miss Kindergarten

Kindergarten Capers

School’s Out, Summer’s Here

Eating Disorder


Starving Too

Done Starving

My Memories

Daddy’s Little Girl

Through the Grapevine

The Big D

The House on Elm Street

Boys, Boys, Boys



First Day Jitters

Fitting In


First Step

The First Time



6 responses to “Flashback Series

  1. so bummed…i have wanted to read your flashbacks so just sat down to start but the links are not active. i love your blog tiffany! your honesty, vulnerability, and best of all ability to articulate it all is amazing and inspiring! thank you for sharing so much of your heart!

  2. This is some of the best reading, most tear-jerking reading I have ever done. Thank you so much for fixing the links. I haven’t done much more today than read your flashbacks.

  3. Its friday… where’s the next chapter in my story?

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