Hi friend! I’m Tiffany…I’m a 33-year-old WAHM of three. I try to live in the present and am an eternal optimist…most days! I love to exercise, to read, to blog, to scrapbook, to take pictures and spend time with my family. My family is my world.

I’m married to Matt, who I think is the most wonderful human on the planet. He is my biggest champion and, frankly, I couldn’t survive without him. You can read all about our love story in my Flashback series. I also post about him quite often…try not to be jealous when you read about what a great guy I snagged! He is also a teacher which means we are blessed to spend lots of quality time together.

My oldest is Olivia. She just turned 10 years old. When she was born, it was discovered that she had Cri du Chat syndrome. (It’s pronounced Kree-Doo-Shaw.) It means Cat Cry in French and she truly sounded like a kitten when she was born. That was the sign. If you’re interested in learning more about Cri du Chat, you can visit http://www.fivepminus.org. If you’re interested in learning more about Olivia, just read through my archives! She is the reason I started to blog. The doctors painted a very grim reality in the beginning and she continues to prove them wrong. My life is completely changed because of my girl. She is my soul. She loves to laugh, play with her brothers, read books and watch movies. She lights up the world with her smile.

My second child is my beloved Gabriel. He was born a short 13 months after Olivia—surprise! He is my “old soul”…it’s like he’s been here before and just knows more than he’s supposed to. We don’t know what we’d do without him. He’s brilliant, gorgeous, funny and ridiculously sweet. He is such a wonderful brother to Olivia and never stops pushing my buttons. He loves to play soccer, draw, build legos and read. He’s my buddy.

My last child is my superstar Matthew. He is 6 and keeps us all in stitches. He’s the funniest little guy you’ll ever meet. Our family truly felt complete when he came along. Being the third born, he just tries to get as much attention as he can. We are lucky to spend lots of time together while I work from home. I feel lucky that I’ve had this special time with him. He loves to run, bounce, play Wii, read books and laugh. He’s my little angel.

My hope is that you can look at the sunny side of life after reading my blog. To know that you are not alone and that life is good is my hope for you after reading my blog.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to email me at ttownsend@bex.net


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  1. You are Loved by everyone as well as you love others. There is a special place in thwe world for people like you!

  2. Hi
    My name is Mohamed Roshdi, I am a physical therapy student at Columbia University and absolutely in love with your blog… its a pleasure to read about your wonderful family. I’m currently doing a research project on Cri du chat and was wondering if there was any way I can see the powerpoint that you present before Olivia’s classmates.
    My email is: mrm2171@columbia.edu & mrm2171@gmail.com

    Thank you again for your time and it has truly been a pleasure,

  3. i was looking for some neurological info, strangely, and found you… ok, not strange. (Thank you God). Because what I really needed was a kindred spirit who understands. and wow… it’s like home away from home. i am super delighted! i , too, have three children; the oldest, my precious daughter, has Cri du Chat Syndrome. my younger loving sons and hero husband remind me of yours… and then of course, there’s Pearl, our sweet westie. can’t wait to sink my teeth into your blog for hours tonight. thank you so much for posting your joy and life. quite an uncanny blessing!

  4. Thank you for the links and explaining what Cri du chat is. I’ve never heard of it before. Thank you for educating me. Olivia is absolutely beautiful!!

  5. Hi,
    You got yourself a new follower! Love your blog. I am quite new to blogging and I decided I want to spread some awareness about special needs individuals. Would you be interested in doing a guest post about your wonderful little girl? Please email me if you’re interested, I’d appreciate it.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Tiffany –

    Would you email me privately, I want to ask you a question.

  7. Melanie Sheppard

    Hello, I am Melanie and I am a mom of 4. Grace is our second child and she will be 11 soon. You are an ispiration and a kindred spirit. I hope to start blogging, as well!!! Thanks 🙂

  8. hi! i am a student at the UN international school. i was wondering if you could help us with a biology project we have to do about Cri Du Chat. We need a case study but so far we have not been able to help anything. Thank you for your time. My email is: lisadotcom@hotmail.com i would greatly appreciate your help 🙂

  9. Hi – i completely stumbled on your website while researching something else that i cannot even remember now – your writing is compelling and honest and i’m sure a huge help to others with special needs children. You and your husband have truly created a wonderful family and life! thank you for sharing!

  10. Wow…this is beautiful!! Loved learning more about you! You are a true inspiration!
    Blessings, Nicki G. The Bliissful Wife

  11. I have been a fan if your blog for months now from East Northport, NY.

    Found thus today and it reminded me of you.


    From your writing I think you are an amazing mother.

    Warmest regards,

  12. I have been a fan of your blog for months now from East Northport, NY.

    Found this today and it reminded me of you.


    From your writing I think you are an amazing mother.

    Warmest regards,

  13. Hi, I am a freshman at Oak Ridge High School in Tennessee. My biology class is doing a project about genetic diseases, in which we partner up and pretend to be parents of a child with a condition, and my partner and I got cri du chat. I want to thank you, your blog made the project so much more real to us and I learned a whole lot more than I would have without it. Olivia is so beautiful and you and your family are so inspiring.
    Best Wishes,

  14. Hi Tiffany-
    I am a mom of two. My 9-month-old daughter, Hannah, was diagnosed in January with CDC. I would love to send a few questions over through email from time to time if you are willing. It’s a relief to know that I’m not the only mommy out there who can laugh and cry about a daughter in the same minute. Please let me know if you are up for a chat sometime!

  15. I’ve nominated you for a super sweet blog award… You can find the details in my post below:


    I hope you will enjoy it!

  16. Hi there! My little brother has cri du chat and I had no idea there were so many bloggers here in blogland that I can relate to! Nice to meet you!! While my brother isn’t the main subject of my blog, he does make an appearance here and there 😉

  17. Hello,
    I’ve nominated you for the Animal Spirit Award
    Hope you will have a minute to check it out!

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