The Best

I remember thinking that one of the most important qualities I wanted in a husband was that he would be an excellent father. But how do you know your partner will make an awesome parent…until they actually become one? Somehow, I not only got lucky in the husband department, but in the husband-is-an-awesome-father department and, for that, I am forever thankful and grateful.

Everything Matt does is with us in mind. There’s not a decision he makes or a penny he saves without consideration of what is best for us. We are always first and foremost in his mind. He has taught our children that family comes first. Always.

He is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known. He gives everything to the students and families he serves every day. They love him because he’s wonderful. It’s never a surprise to me when I hear he is someone’s favorite teacher, another’s favorite coworker or another’s shoulder to lean on at work. Matt exudes confidence and caring. That’s just who he is. He has taught our children how to work hard and how to care for others.

Matt is, and always will be, the funniest person I’ve ever known. My favorite thing in the world is hearing him laugh. It’s even better if I’m the one who made him laugh because it’s usually him doing the entertaining. He constantly cracks us up with his dad jokes, funny words, and teasing. He has taught our children how fun and laughter are important in life.

He is good at relaxing after working hard. We tease him about his iPad naps after school. He is a whirling dervish for hours and then, bam, he’s out of steam and rests. I’m not always the best at relaxing and I’m thankful that he is teaching our kids, and me, that relaxing is perfectly ok.

He is a wonderful husband. Matt and I are truly 50/50 most of the time in our efforts around the house and with the kids. He is always willing to tackle the cleaning, the laundry, the making lunches and cleaning up after dinner. He has taught our children that there is nothing wrong with men being domestic. He loves me better than I could have ever imagined. He’s not afraid to say I love you, to kiss me in the middle of the kitchen or hug me until I feel better. I am thankful he’s taught our children, our boys especially, how to love and how to treat the woman you love.

Olivia has him completely wrapped around her finger and has from day one. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them be together; they snuggle, they laugh, he loves her deeply.  He would move heaven and earth for her. There are a lot of people who couldn’t handle Olivia like he does. He rarely gets upset over life with her, he is always thinking about how we can make life the best it can possibly be for her.

He is steady and strong with the boys. He always wants to teach them things, to talk to them about sports or whatever else they’re interested in, to play games with them, to be there for them. When things were rough with Gabe, he stepped in and was stronger than I was able to be. He took off work, something that he hates to do, with no hesitation because that’s what we needed. We needed him to be home, to watch out for Gabe, to handle things that I couldn’t. He never hesitates to be there for the boys. They won’t appreciate it yet, but their dad is always, always, thinking of them first.

He may not be the best at telling others how he feels, but you won’t find anyone who’s better at showing people how much he loves them. When I have days where I wonder if he loves me as much as he used to, all I have to do is look for my coffee cup with cream in it just how I like it, ready to be filled by the coffee he made. All I have to do is listen to him talk about the savings plan he has in mind so we can take care of Olivia, send the boys to college and live our simple life with ease. All I have to do is get a call from him on his way home from work, even though he’ll see us in 20 minutes, just to see how we are or ask how our day was. All I have to do is watch him enjoy spending time with his mom, his sister, and his dad even when we’re busy. All I have to do is watch him help my dad without a second thought. All I have to do is watch him love my mom like his own. All I have to do is watch his face light up when one of the kids walks in the room or the way he never, ever forgets to kiss me goodnight.

All I wanted in life was to have a family with kids and a loving husband who was a wonderful father. Sometimes when life seems too hard, or not good enough, or just blah, all I have to do is look around me and realize I’m living my dream life. I have the best husband who is the best father to our three beautiful children. What more could I ask for?

Happy Father’s Day to The Best. We love you so.


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