***This is way, way overdue…she turned 17 on February 20th!***

liv 1

Seventeen is many things.

It’s a smile a mile wide…

Big brown eyes that are almost always full of joy…

liv 5

Teenage angst mixed with toddler tantrums…

Hugs and kisses and unstoppable love…

Ice skating and singing in the choir…

liv 3

Making a real friend for the very first time…

Wanting to drive just like her brother…

Making hilarious jokes, trying out swear words, wanting independence…

Seventeen is nothing like I imagined, but wonderful all the same…

liv 4

My seventeen-year-old miracle is everything to me.

She is light, air, my whole heart.

I couldn’t love you more, Olivia.

Happy, happy 17th.

liv 2



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