Happy This Week

Or I should say happy…lately!

P!nk’s new album Beautiful Trauma. It’s AMAZING. If you’re a fan of her music, you will love it. I don’t think she gets enough credit for just how well she can sing. I can’t wait to see her in concert in March!

Thinx period underwear. I’m serious. If you tend to leak during Aunt Flo’s visit, these are a lifesaver. I can’t imagine using them by themselves, but as a backup, they are great. I no longer have to worry that I will embarrass myself in front of my class of 8th graders. Well, at least not in this way. 😉

My new AirPods. I am really bad at buying things for myself, even things I will use every single day. But I just got so tired of my headphones falling out of my ears and getting in the way while I’m working out. So I splurged. They are amazing!! They stay in, they have a good quality sound with noise canceling and no wires! They are not super loud, so if you like to hurt your eardrums, these probably aren’t for you.

Matt was very cute this Christmas and went on my Pinterest page for ideas for me. He got me a Gilmore Girls keychain which is the cutest thing ever and makes me smile every time I drive. He also got me an aromatherapy diffuser for my classroom which I am obsessed with. Now I need one for home!

My Mom got me new sports bras for Christmas and I finally got to try them out this week. Whoa, did I need them! You know how you don’t realize you need something until you get a new version and then you’re like “yikes, what was holding the girls in before this”? Yeah, that was me this week. They’re Victoria’s Secret bras that zip in the front (The Knockout and The Incredible). I will say this, and you won’t be surprised, but clearly VS makes things for women who are size 2’s with big boobs because I had to let mine all the way out to even get it on!! She got me another style that I couldn’t even get into (the Angel Max)…but it was hilarious trying!!

Speaking of working out, I bought myself some new music this week and it made working out even more enjoyable. Here are some of my faves that I bought: Taylor Swift’s new album (don’t judge, I’m a Swiftie. I get to see her in July!), Humble by Kendrick Lamar, Get Your Freak On by Missy Elliott and Run the World by Beyonce. (P.S. Don’t you think we should just all have Beyonce’s song on repeat right now after the Golden Globes and Oprah’s speech???)

Matt also got me the illustrated Harry Potter books and I am enjoying reading them again with all of the gorgeous illustrations.

My two favorite podcasts (My Favorite Murder and Who? Weekly) just make my day when they are new (or old, really) and I can listen to them on my way to and from work.

Speaking of my favorite podcasts, Karen of MFM liked one of my tweets and I about died of excitement!

Olivia got a karaoke microphone from my Mom for Christmas. We all thought she would love it because she loves to sing. Well, the first couple of weeks she wouldn’t even touch it and freaked out if we even suggested she try it. Last week she finally tried it and LOVES it. She has been using it for hours at a time, cracking herself up. I like to lay on my bed down the hall and just listen to her sing, talk and giggle. She makes sure to ask every night that I charge it so it’s ready to go the next day. (Follow me on Instagram if you want to see videos! elastamom417)

Gabe has been driving with his temps since September! He’s actually a really good driver. I can’t believe he gets his license in March! It’s been fun and frustrating and scary teaching him to drive. He also earned really good grades first semester and has a new girlfriend that I like a lot!

Matthew is just the cutest. That’s all.

I had a wonderful two weeks off of work but it was nice to go back and see my friends and my students this week!

We got a snow day today! My school NEVER gets snow days!!

What made you happy this week?




One response to “Happy This Week

  1. I LOVE that Matt went to your Pinterest page to find cool gifts for you! Those are always the BEST gifts in my opinion, even if they aren’t “big” deals. To me it shows caring and trying and listening. Glad you are having a great start to 2018!

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