Bittersweet 16

Olivia turns 16 on Monday.


And I am very sad.

I think it hit me when Gabe went to the dance last weekend with two girls that were elementary playmates of Olivia. One was even the first one to invite Olivia to a birthday party. They both asked about Olivia and said to tell her hi.

But then they got to go out, have dinner with boys, go to a dance with friends, hang out after and have a fun-filled evening. And all I could think of was that my girl should be getting to do all that too. She should be getting her license, having her first kiss, going to basketball games with friends, studying for tests, getting mad at me over clothes, all of the things that 16-year-old girls are supposed to do.

But she’s not.

So I’m sad.

I know I shouldn’t be. She’s healthy, she’s happy, she’s beautiful. But I am. And I’m going to let myself be for a little bit.

But then I’m going to stop being sad because she’s healthy, she’s happy, she’s beautiful. She’s going to spend her birthday in the most perfect way possible: a day off of school, wearing pjs, playing on her ipad while watching a movie and being with her stuffed animal friends.

I’m going to enjoy the fact that my 16-year-old daughter would rather be with me than anyone else. The other day she told me “Mom? You’re my plus one.” (She heard it in a movie but I’ll take it!) Her face lights up at a day in pjs, hanging out with me and Matt. She’s so happy when she’s at home and with her family. She’s getting a special doll handmade by my mother-in-law for her birthday and our whole family is anxiously awaiting her excited reaction because it’s all she’s talked about for months. She woke up today and excitedly said: “It’s my birthday party today, isn’t it?!!!” She’s having a giant Oreo cake made by my sister. Her favorite people in the whole world will be here to celebrate with her. I’ll probably let her wear cute pjs to her party because let’s face it, it makes her the happiest. She is loved so much. She loves us so deeply.

SHE is happy. So I will be happy too. And it will be a sweet 16 indeed.

Happy Birthday, Olivia. I love you more than you will ever know!!!






5 responses to “Bittersweet 16

  1. She is so beautiful Tiffany. She radiates the happiness that you describe. You two are lucky to have each other. 😘

  2. Fantastic post…spoken like a true mom that wants her child to have every opportunity that every child has!

  3. I remember being upset when Ry turned 16. My sister made him a driver’s license and I cried. But he’s now 25 still happiest at home also. Happy 16th sweetie, enjoy your day..

  4. Oh the stories that we all share. Brutiful. I never knew that word until Glennon Melton made it famous, but I love it for these kind of posts. Brutal indeed for us moms who get it, yet beautiful that our kiddos are doing so well in their own little worlds. Here’s to a wonderful 16!! Can’t wait to see pics, especially of the doll.

  5. This post is a keeper for that book you may one day write! ; )

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