Podcast Pile-Up!

Ok, you guys…I am OBSESSED with podcasts. I listen to them on the way to and from work (about a 25 minute drive each way), when I workout (if I’m not in the mood for my usual gangsta rap), when I walk and basically anytime I can! If you are new to podcasts, I thought I’d share my favorites. I’ve tried to put them in categories. And don’t judge me…I LOVE true crime.

Just for Fun Podcasts

The Longest Shortest Time — about parenting; hit or miss with topics; sometimes I love the topic, sometimes I don’t even listen due to the topic; they have a wide range of topics so if you are in the baby stage, some of these will be right up your alley; if you’re a parent to teens, others will be, etc. They’ve had some really fascinating episodes regarding sex, LGBT parenting/adoption and just plain old parenting.

Call Your Girlfriend — two “long-distance besties” hanging out and chatting; Aminatou and Anne are the besties; they talk about EVERYTHING under the sun; they are feminists; anti-“Ivanka’s Dad” as they call him; funny, charming and lovable.

Reply All — a techie podcast but don’t be scared because they do the coolest and most interesting technology stories; the hosts are two guys (PJ and Alex…and PJ has the BEST laugh, IMO); they do a wide range of stories where some are funny and some are sad and others just plain fascinating; one of my favorites was about a couple who bought a house and it ended up being the epicenter of a cell tower and they couldn’t get any reception or Internet or anything for over a year…and no one could figure out what the problem was; they do some investigative reporting which is cool too.

Pop Culture Happy Hour — about pop culture; hit or miss for me as it depends on if the topic is something I’m interested in; for example, if it’s an episode all about Star Wars, I’m out, but if it’s about the new Gilmore Girls, I’m in! They do a roundtable discussion of whatever topic they’re discussing.

TED Radio Hour — TED talks but on the radio (you all know what those are, right?); these are hit or miss too depending on the topic; typically they are really interesting even if it’s not something you would normally care about.

This American Life — one of my all-time faves; hosted by Ira Glass (who is awesome and funny); each week is a different topic about…American life…and they have several stories all pertaining to that topic. I’m never disappointed!

Who? Weekly — this is one of my two absolute favorites!!! I just love this one. Lindsey and Bobby talk about “whos”: basically B-list and below celebrities. They are HILARIOUS and I laugh out loud every episode. They are catty, silly, judgmental and funny, but it’s ok because they’re talking about “whos”! Seriously funny and I say “yeah!” out loud every time a new one pops up on my feed!

Celebrity/Important People Interviews

Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin —Alec Baldwin interviews someone important or a celebrity; hit or miss depending on who it is; I enjoy Alec’s voice and earnest interview style. It’s interesting and definitely depends on the guest.

How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black — I like this one better than Baldwin’s because I think Black is a better interviewer. He is a natural! I’ll typically listen to this one even if I’m not super interested in the guest, or don’t know who they are, because his interviews are very interesting. He will have A-list celebrities like Al Roker or Megan Mulally along with Tim Gunn and author Harlan Coben. His guests are diverse and you find out all sorts of interesting stories about them. You’ll also fall in love with Black too!

True Crime 

These are my absolute 100% favorite type of podcasts, books, shows, etc. I am slightly obsessed with true crime. If you’re not, you can skip all of these!

Sword and Scale — very disturbing and definitely only for avid true crime fans who can handle this type of true crime story; they hold back no details; I’ve only listened to a few episodes and I find them fascinating. They take a different topic or murder each week and just tell you all the gory details.

Someone Knows Something —this is an investigative reporting story told over many episodes; the season I’m listening to right now is about a Canadian woman who went missing in 1998 and they are now trying to figure out what happened to her. It’s awesome and very well-done. Plus, it’s Canadian so it’s fun to hear their accents!

Detective — this doesn’t come out on a regular basis; they take a different topic each season and tell the story over multiple episodes; the one season I’ve listened to so far was about a retired detective; he told stories about his cases and career. Not at the top of my list, but I do enjoy it.

Criminal —quick, 30-minute episodes about something criminal; sometimes it’s a murderer, or a robber or a money-launderer; they mix it up but the common theme is it’s something criminal; it’s investigative story-telling; I really like this one.

Serial — please tell me you’ve heard of this? It was really popular two years ago when it investigated the murder of a young girl in the Boston area; her ex-boyfriend, Adnan, was convicted of her murder but the host, Sara Koenig, basically re-investigates the case through the episodes. The second season was about Bowe Bergdahl who went AWOL in Iraq while serving in the army. Again, it was investigative over the many episodes. Season 1 was so good I couldn’t wait for new episodes and I listened to three other podcasts at the time who were discussing Serial the podcast. (Yes a podcast about a podcast!) Season 2 was OK but not as exciting or interesting as the first.

And last, but definitely not least, because IT’S MY FAVORITE, FAVORITE, FAVORITE:

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark —Please tell me SOMEONE out there is a MURDERINO???? Yes, it’s all about murder. Each week Karen and Georgia choose one of their “favorite murders” and discuss it. That’s it! It’s so simple, yet so fascinating, and the main reason it’s so good is because of Karen and Georgia. They are hilarious, endearing and enjoyable. I feel like they would be my best friends if I knew them in real life. They are low-key, they swear A LOT (which I enjoy) and are so damn funny. Plus, you get to hear about some fascinating murders!

Are there any podcasts you listen to and love that you want to share?




2 responses to “Podcast Pile-Up!

  1. I listen to almost every podcast on your list! Except the last one. So that’s the next one I’ll try. Do you listen to radiolab? That’s my other favourite. Sort of in the same vein as this American life. And 99% invisible. That one is awesome and is about design and how it’s hidden all over in our world and our lives.

  2. Maryalice Leister

    I have never listened to a podcast because: I don’t know where to find them, I don’t know how to tag them, and for all my technical expertise, I don’t know how to create feeds. Some of yours sound great. Someday….

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