What to Write, What to Write


So I haven’t written in forever. Every time I sit down to write, I stumble. I have so many things I want to say, so many topics I want to write about. Should I write about…

how hard it is parenting teenagers?

being a special-needs mom?

the aftermaths of having cancer?

recovering from an eating disorder?



feeling alone?

strained relationships with a parent?

feeling so lucky at times you could burst?

books I’ve read?


the state of education?


podcasts I love?

I sit down to write and all of these things pop into my head to write about so I give up and don’t write anything at all. But I miss it. I miss this space. I miss writing. I miss interacting with you. I’m making a commitment to myself to be here more often. To sit down and just write. And write some more. And more. And more. I’m going to do it because I love it and I need it.

I hope some of you are still out there. I hope I can write something that resonates with you even if it is just a really good book. I hope you missed my words as much as I did.

I’m back.





3 responses to “What to Write, What to Write

  1. I’m here! I’m here! Can’t wait to read more. 😘

  2. Welcome back! Glad to see fresh words in your space.

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