Happy Lately

I feel as though my head is above water you guys! It’s amazing! I’m going to start posting more regularly, I swear.

Here are some things that have made me happy lately.

I spent the entire weekend last weekend solo at my friend Beth’s lake house. I’m not going to lie…I almost came home Saturday morning. But I stuck it out and had an amazing weekend. I’ve realized many things about myself lately, one of which is that I’m terrible at relaxing. I had no internet, didn’t take work and no one to talk to. It was awesome. More on it later.

I got a selfie stick. I’m not ashamed to admit that I love it. I’ve wanted one forever but Gabe said no…but recently relented because I promised I wouldn’t embarrass him with it. I just wanted to take selfies of the 5 of us! I signed up on www.tomoson.com and this was my first product to review. It’s awesome! So easy to hook your phone up via bluetooth and start snapping selfies.

I had the honor of taking two of my favorite girls’ senior photos. We had so much fun and the pictures turned out great. These two girls are amazing examples of loving yourself and self-confidence. I learned a thing or two from them!!

Soccer is over which is both good and bad. Bad because I absolutely love watching my boys play and hanging out with the soccer families. Good because we actually have some time to, you know, have dinner together and hang out on the weekends!

My friend, Maria, and her church group made us dinner last Friday. It was perfect timing because Matt had been working late every night and was gone this past weekend. I’m still struggling with energy so it was nice not to have to worry about food for the weekend.

My Mom and I went to Costco together on Saturday and it was fun!

We’ve been having some issues with my dear, sweet Gabe and they have started to heal and get better lately. Parenting a teen is not easy. Not at all.

It is absolutely GORGEOUS here in Ohio. I keep looking around at the trees thinking how lucky I am to be alive.

What made you happy lately?


2 responses to “Happy Lately

  1. Hope our Gabe is weathering things okay–yes, this teenage thing is hard! I’m here if you ever want to talk about anything teenager (or otherwise). I totally relate to your instinct to want to constantly stay busy and your reluctance to relax–it happens so rarely that when I DO get time to myself, I make myself crazy by thinking of all of the things I should be doing. Argh! Glad you were able to wind down and enjoy it.

  2. What made me happy lately? Reading this and hearing you are doing better!!!! I’ve been thinking of you a lot. Glad to hear you finally are starting to feel like yourself again!

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