Happy This Week

I had visits from three of my former students this week. These make me so happy, you have no idea! It’s so fun to see them more grown up and catch up with them.

I scheduled a weekend away for myself. My dear friend, Beth, kindly offered me her cottage for the weekend. I’m going to go, by myself, with my favorite foods, wine, movies and books and REST all weekend. Alone. I can’t even tell you how much I need this. I’m also so proud of myself for asking for what I need. The only thing I’m going to have to work on is not feeling guilty about it.

I reached out to my sister and asked her to go to the hospital with me for my long day of tests, doctor visits and chemo yesterday. She lovingly rearranged her whole day so she could be with me. It was so kind and made the day fun instead of long and painful. I was also proud of myself for asking her to come with me! It’s nice to have a sister who knows you have a hard time asking for help, and when you do, you REALLY need help. Thanks, Hilary. I love you.

I scheduled my VERY LAST CHEMO yesterday!!! MARCH 31, 2016!!! I’ll also get my port out that day…hallelujah! I’m so glad to have a date to focus on over the next six months. Two weeks after that is my 40th birthday so I have to plan something B-I-G to celebrate. I’m thinking a huge dance party!!! What do you think I should do??


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