Happy This Week

We had gorgeous weather this week in Ohio!!! It was one of those weeks where you just breathe in and feel happy to be alive.

Project Runway is the best show ever. I get so happy for Friday morning, even though I’m dragging and ready for the weekend, because I know I have a show waiting for me on my iPad!! I’m a dork, don’t judge me.

The boys had four soccer games last weekend and did awesome. I just love watching them play and do something they love so much.

Olivia started her period and I didn’t spend the whole week under the covers. I’m counting that as a win. More on this later, I promise.

Matthew turned 10! We had a great family party and we went out to dinner with a couple of his friends on his actual birthday day. I think he had a wonderful birthday!

Every Tuesday I take all the boys to soccer (we carpool) and then Olivia and I go hang out with my Mom for a couple of hours. She makes us dinner, we watch America’s Next Top Model and just hang out. I love it.

Matt and I are going out on a date this weekend! It’s been way too long.


What made you happy this week?


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