Happy This Week

I got a manicure from my favorite nail lady! She’s back in business and so am I. I love getting my nails done.

Does anyone watch Luther? I just discovered this show and I love it. I’m on season 3!

We had a fun weekend last weekend. We went to the fair, went out on the boat, had dinner with my BFF and even relaxed a bit. It was so nice before all the crazy of September starts.

Two of my friends brought me flowers this week. It was so sweet and brightened my day.

My students are awesome. They are kind and sweet and hard workers. I was blessed with another great group this year.

My Mom and I get to watch America’s Next Top Model together each week while the boys are at soccer. I love spending time with her.

Matthew’s birthday is this weekend and he’s so excited. Remember the excitement of your 10th birthday???

Olivia is having an awesome school year so far. It makes me VERY happy!!!

My hair is getting longer each week! I know, duh! But it’s amazing to have hair again…even just a little bit. I miss having hair so much. I can’t wait until it’s totally back. I miss my eyelashes too…but at least I have eyebrows again!

I had the first pumpkin spice latte of the season. It was so delicious.

It’s getting cooler. I’m so ready for fall weather!

What made you happy this week?


One response to “Happy This Week

  1. Coming back to your blog after not following for a while because I needed a pick me up made me happy today, Sunday September 13. The past week: having true inner happiness over a silly pillow fight with my husband, purging 80% out of 3 rooms in the house and feeling light afterwards.

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