Cancer Chronicles IX: Radiation is OVER!

I finished my last radiation treatment this week!!! I had to go to the hospital every day, Monday through Friday, at 8:30 a.m. for 21 days straight and it’s finally over!!! I am so thankful to have that piece behind me.

My radiation therapists were so sweet and kind and took such good care of me. I am very worn out and sore which is to be expected. It will get worse over the next couple of weeks before it gets better because radiation is cumulative and keeps going after your treatment. But the good news is I should start feeling “back to normal” in about a month. I already feel like a huge weight is lifted just being done with this piece.

Now all I have left is chemo every three weeks until March, genetics test (fingers crossed for good news), heart tests every three months and I start taking my daily pill soon which I will take for the next 5-10 years. That all seems pretty “easy” compared to the last 7 months. It still feels like a long road ahead but definitely one I can handle.

I got a new bike about a week ago and I’ve been riding it almost every day. It’s my new favorite thing to do for exercise. I haven’t been able to lift weights this week because my left side is too sore so it’s been nice to have my new bike instead! Hopefully I’ll be back in the gym next week.

School starts next week and I’m a little nervous about being exhausted. My body is just very worn out at this point. But that’s what sick days are for, right? I’m so thankful I still have some left! I’m excited to get back to work, even though I’m a little nervous about keeping up.

It feels so good to say radiation is over!


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