Happy This Week

My BFF and I and the kids hung out in the sun and swam all day on Monday. It has been raining and raining and raining here in Ohio so it was nice to enjoy the sun!

We went out on the boat with Matt’s parents last weekend. It was a treat!

Matt and I went out on a date on Saturday. We saw Jurassic World. We hadn’t been on a date in a while so it was so nice to spend time together. Thanks, Mom, for babysitting!

I started radiation this week. It hasn’t been too bad. I’m so thankful that I’m able to do it over the summer because it would be a pain to do this during the school year every day. They have it down to a science so I’m in and out within 20 minutes! 3 down, 18 to go!

I had a great conversation with my dear friend, Sarah. Sometimes the student becomes the master, right Sarah? She’s pregnant and just found out she’s having girl this week!! I guessed correctly!

Gabe’s 5th grade teacher brought us dinner this week. It was delicious!

I received a card from the kids’ elementary school counselor this week that absolutely made my day! It’s so nice to get those treats in the mail. Thanks, Pam!

We went swimming last weekend at my friend Robin’s house. She’s been so generous to let us swim whenever we want. We’ve been really trying to soak up the sun whenever it’s out!

I finished another great book!

I promise to blog more next week…I’ve got lots of posts in my head! 😉

What made you happy this week?


One response to “Happy This Week

  1. Glad to hear you got out for a date night. They are hard to come by. Hoping your radiation continues to go well.

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