Happy This Week

And last week! I’m a week behind. These last few weeks of chemo have really kicked my butt. I’m glad I only have ONE MORE TO GO! Not total but in this first round..and this is the last one of the ones that really kick my butt. This has been the LONGEST 12 weeks ever and I’m so glad it’s almost over. I’m proud of myself too! I made it!

School is out for summer! I was finished last week and the kids finished up this week. Matt still has to go Monday and Tuesday but they are just teacher work days. Summer is officially here!!!

Last weekend, when I was feeling lousy, it was so nice not to have to worry about lessons plans and grading and emails and such. I miss my kids like crazy, but it was getting so hard to keep up!

Speaking of my students, I received a lot of wonderful notes, cards and gifts the last week of school. I sure will miss them. They have been a bigger help to me these past 6 months than they will ever know! We had a great last week of school that ended with 8th grade “graduation”. It’s so nice to see all of the parents and celebrate their wonderful kids!

My work friends and I went out after 8th grade graduation and had so much fun. It’s hard to catch up during the school day (I hardly ever get a lunch!) so it’s nice to just hang out and chat for a while. I was proud of myself for making it through an almost 16 hour day!

We had wonderfully delicious dinners delivered last week and this week by my friends Amy, Amy, Kim, Talli, Diana and Nikki. I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful this has been for our family. My friend, Robin, also brought us crazy good cupcakes and my friend, Stephanie, brought the kids a fun summer gift bag. So sweet!

Matt went with friends for an overnight where they get to fish and skeet shoot and hang out. I am so thankful his friends helped me arrange this surprise for his birthday! He really deserves it…and needs it!!

My friend and neighbor, Michelle, took me to chemo last week and we had fun catching up. She is so much fun and has such a big heart. My BFF, Amy, took me this week and it is always a treat to have one-on-one time with her! People always stare at me and my friends because we laugh so much! Until I fall asleep anyway…

My friend, Tod, is getting married tomorrow! I’m so happy for him.

My stepsister, Courtney, got married last weekend. She was a gorgeous, classic bride and the wedding and reception were so beautiful and loving. I’m so happy for them! And Olivia made it for a long time at the reception!! We went with my sister and her husband so that was fun and we got to sit with my awesome aunt and uncle and got to catch up with them. (And I made it through another super long, busy day! I rock! LOL!)

My friend, Glenn, from work sends me cards once a week. It is so nice to get his inspirational messages each week!

My friend, Tammy, whose daughter has the same syndrome as Olivia, sent me a beautiful headscarf this week too. I’m getting spoiled!

My friend, Melinda, and I were able to walk together this week. She is battling breast cancer too and it was nice to talk it out with her.

Sometimes I have panic attacks that I’ve forgotten to thank someone since January…if I forgot to thank you, I promise I felt it and thought it in my heart!!!

What made you happy this week?


2 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. It is so lovely to hear how much love and light is surrounding you during this time. xo

  2. Today I was wearing my I CAN I WILL shirt in Minneapolis, and as is often the case, I got compliments! The checkout lady at the grocery store said in a thick Russian accent, “Where do you purchase deese?” So I told her about you, and she sends “Best veeeshes to your friend!”

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