Happy This Week

Beautiful flowers left on my porch from my friend, Jen. Flowers really are something happy, aren’t they?

Yummy dinners delivered by wonderful friends. This is so helpful to our family! And one dinner came with…flowers!!!

Driving the boys to soccer practice. We crank up the tunes, roll down the windows and just enjoy. While they’re at practice, I run over to my Mom’s with Olivia and Matthew and hang out for an hour. It’s a nice way to enjoy a Wednesday.

Carpools! I don’t know what I’d do without our soccer carpools!!

Gabe was asked to play with the premier team this weekend for soccer. He works so hard and I’m so proud of him! He’s really excited! (Even though it means another 3 hour drive!)

Somebody at work left me a card in my mailbox with a $10 bill and said “Buy yourself a treat!”. How awesome is that? My friend, Megan, also delivers a motivational quote and a Starburst to my room every Monday. Love it!

We started the “Townsend House Cup” at school this week where I divide my room into the four Hogwarts houses from Harry Potter and we have a competition for the rest of the year. I decorated my room and had a sorting hat and hung up the “Platform 9 3/4” from Gabe’s 11th birthday on my door so they had to walk through it. It was so fun. The kids all came through with a huge smile on their face and were excited to start the competition. I’ll do anything to get them through these last few weeks!!! (Again…follow me on Instagram already! @elastamom417 and you can see all my pics!)

Matt and I have been watching two really funny shows. One show is “Last Man on Earth” on Hulu and the other is “Workaholics” on Amazon Prime (I think it’s Comedy Central normally). They are stupid but funny and exactly the kind of comic relief we need right now.

My friend Michelle stopped over this week. I always love hanging out with her.

My BFF and I are going walking today! Yeah!

I went for a nice long walk at the local metro park on Thursday before chemo. It felt so good and was so relaxing.

My Mom took me to chemo this week. We went out for an amazing lunch in Ann Arbor at Zingerman’s Roadhouse. I had the most delicious grilled cheese and then we shared a donut (fresh from the oven) sundae. It was soooooo good. We were stuffed. Then we went to my appointment. My blood counts were perfect! We had a great day!

I am halfway through the really bad chemo! I still have a long way to go (March 2016) but at least I’m halfway through the really tough part!

My Mom made us a loaf of banana bread. It is my favorite!!

What made you happy this week?


4 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Your ability to still be “happy this week” with all you are going through. It is why I love you!

  2. Loved reading this!

  3. What made me happy this week you ask? Reading your blog can turn anyday into a good day!!

  4. Yes! You’re getting thru the hard part. And you continue to be a great teacher thru it all – amazing! Our new neighbors sent us cinnamon rolls in the mail from Zingerman’s! Must be THE place for good stuff. Still trying to sell our house in MN, but got a new realtor who is a ball-of-fire, so there’s renewed optimism this spring. Plus, my tulips are blooming.

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