Happy This Week

Today is my birthday! I’m so happy to see another year!

It it is absolutely gorgeous in Ohio today!

i got to walk with my BFF today and another of my besties stopped by for a visit.

My  blogging friend, Rudri, sent me a beautiful necklace with the word “courage” on it. I love it.

Dinners made with love from friends arrived on my doorstep!

Two of my students surprised me on Wednesday with a homemade candy card (why aren’t you following me on Instagram already? @elastamom417), balloons, doughnuts and gifts. They are so sweet to me!

My colleagues wore their t-shirts for me on Wednesday. It definitely raises my spirits!

I had a fun text conversation with one of my friends about baby names! I love babies.

my sister took me to chemo this week. It was nice to sit and chat and catch up.

What made you happy this week?


3 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Happy Birthday! I’m glad you’ve had a good week. Here, Emily surprised me with being able to count sleeps before our trip and she doesn’t want to get up to get ready for school in the morning which makes me smile as it is so typical of her age.

  2. Belated Birthday greetings!

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