Olivia School Update

We almost have an IEP folks!!! A couple more weeks (hopefully) and we’ll have Olivia’s IEP signed, sealed, delivered. Due to inclement weather canceling some of our meetings, and us wanting to change her whole plan for schooling, this IEP has taken for-ev-er. But it will be worth it when it’s finalized and done.

Things are going so much better for Olivia. Yahoo! It only took until around third quarter for her to settle in…hahaha!! We decided to get Olivia tested and diagnosed with Autism. She will have a dual diagnosis of Cri du Chat and Autism. It’s been a long road to get to this point but we feel it’s necessary and what’s best for Olivia. We are SO over labels! Because of this, and because of the changes we wanted to see in her school day, our IEP team did a slew of tests on her and the results definitely work in our favor.

Based on our input, and the results of all of the testing, the team has decided that Olivia needs to be more independent. She isn’t engaged in her environment and depends on adults for most everything. (I’m majorly paraphrasing here.) The caveat is that, in order to become more independent, she needs additional help. Isn’t that ironic? But it’s true. In order to get her to be less dependent on adults, and more engaged on her own, she needs more adult help. So that’s what we’re working on.

Another major difference is she took a lot longer to transition this year than she has in the past. So we’re asking for extended year services. It looks like we will have some sort of “summer school” options for Olivia that will help her to not regress and transition better.

She’s taking foreign language and absolutely loves it, just like we knew she would. Her Spanish name was Josefina and her French name is Jaqueline. She gets a little overwhelmed by the pace of the class, but she’s participating and enjoying it. She’s even taken a few oral tests and passed with flying colors. Her Spanish teacher was so good with her. Olivia just loved her.

Another of her major goals is her social goal. She has no social life. None. Except, again, for adults and her brothers. We are working on getting her more involved in social aspects of school and helping her make friends. Real friends. Who want to do stuff with her and hang out with her and have fun with her. This is the goal nearest and dearest to my heart. I just want her to have friends. True friends. Who love her for who she is and who want to be with her.

Her “official” Autism diagnosis should be official soon. Her IEP should be finalized soon with plans for the summer as well. She is much happier at school and enjoying her day. She will soon be spending more time in regular classes and, hopefully, making friends. Things are looking up for Olivia!!


4 responses to “Olivia School Update

  1. Yay! So happy for her and you! I know how hard you guys have been working towards this :o)

  2. Prayers and encouragement on this noble mission.

  3. I’m so glad that Olivia is happier these days. She’s so lucky to have you behind her, making sure she’s getting the help she needs.

    My Olivia has an autism diagnosis at school too. The school is just so much more comfortable working with autism since it’s much more frequent than 5p- syndrome that they give her the services she’d receive if she were given an official diagnosis of autism.

    I hope this summer and next year are the best ones yet for Olivia and your entire family.

    WIshing you all the very best.

  4. Wow, a foreign language! Olivia always amazes. I was just wondering, if it’s not too personal or painful, what happened to all those girls who were hanging with Olivia a few years ago? It gave me great hope and encouragement and a goal to pursue for J. …and right now, it IS pretty good in the social dept. Can it last, or will it evaporate? I can see how the girls are moving on to more sophisticated interests, and the whole girl-drama of middle school can’t be avoided… I can only guess that when they are younger, the moms of everyone do a lot of facilitating, and when they hit a certain age, they just don’t want or need their moms right there anymore, except that J. still does…

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