Happy This Week

I made it through my 2nd chemo. Last week Saturday and Sunday were my worst days, so I’m guessing the next two days will be rough. But 2 down, 10 rough ones to go!!

My school sold “jeans passes” for me in the month of February and raised a crazy amount of money for us. It is so overwhelming and humbling to have all of this crazy love and support.

We went out for a nice dinner last Sunday for Gabe’s 13th birthday. He was so excited and thankful and it was nice going out just the five of us.

Gabe turned 13 on Tuesday!!! I can’t believe he’s 13. I have two teenagers!!! We had a small family party on Sunday and he’s having some buddies over for a sleepover over spring break next week. I did get to take him shopping, just him and I, for his birthday. That was a treat!

Gabe stayed home on Tuesday. He texted me at lunch to ask if he could have Sprite with lunch. He is so my son! Isn’t that the cutest?

The boys shaved my head on Sunday. My hair has already started falling out and I wanted to get a jump on it so I didn’t have clumps coming out in the morning before school. I’m so glad I did!! The boys thought it was great and I’m glad it won’t be such a shock when it falls out completely.

I’m rockin’ the hats this week!!!

Olivia had something weird in her braces the other night when we were brushing her teeth. We finally got it out and asked Olivia what it was (we couldn’t tell). She said, “Oh! That’s glue. I ate some in class today.” She keeps us all on our toes!!! (And she says glue like “gaaa-looo” which is so cute.)

We saw a dog on top of a roof the other day (who the hell knows why) and Matthew piped up with “Oh! I wonder if they’re from Mexico!” and we were all baffled as to why on earth he would say that. He told us then that his Grandma had read him a story about dogs on roofs in Mexico!!! We were laughing so hard.

Matt and I had one of those laughing fits in bed the other night where you just can’t catch your breath or stop laughing. I love those. Especially now.

What made you happy this week?


5 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. You leave me speechless, Tiffany. I am so weak compared to you and have nothing like this with which to contend. Your sharing is priceless. Oh, my friend…..

  2. Glue. I love it. And you, my friend. I’ll be sending extra good vibes this weekend for your tough days. ❤

  3. I just met you yesterday and your story really inspired me. Thank you for sharing your stories. They surely help others, including me. Sarah

  4. I hope the weekend moved with some ease, Tiffany. I love when your name shows up in my feed. Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs. xo

  5. Thinking of how you are doing every day. Had some medical tests/treatments myself last week, including mammogram, and you were definitely on my mind! And thank you for continuing to share Olivia with us! Love her stories.

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