Happy This Week

I got to go back to work yesterday!!!! It felt sooooo good. My students and colleagues were so excited to see me and that felt so good. I wish I could tell them without getting emotional how much they all mean to me!!!

My friend, Bethany, and I were on the news for the t-shirt campaign she is running in my and my friend, Melinda’s, honor. EEEEEK!!

Girl Scout cookies are in!!!

I finished watching House of Cards and it was amazing!! Frank is sooooo scary!!

Matthew is having a really hard time dealing with the face that I’m going to lose my hair. To make the transition easier, I got my hair cut really short. I love it!!! At first I was kind of overwhelmed by how short it was, but after five minutes I loved it. Fingers crossed it helps my little guy at least a little! (One of these days I’ll take the time to figure out how to get Instagram pics on here so I can show you…feel free to follow me @elastamom417.)

Pain pills are my best friend right now…I’m so thankful for them!

Dinners from friends during this time have made life so much easier.

We had our first cleaning by Cleaning for a Reason. It was so nice to have a super clean house. Shout out to Dutch Maids of Perrysburg for volunteering their time!

We’ve been playing Phase 10 after dinner each night. I just love playing games with the kids.

Olivia’s been messing with her hair constantly. Like if I braid it, she takes it completely out. By the time she gets home from school, she looks like a homeless person. So, I had it chopped! It looks so cute on her and it should help make her look less crazy!! (Again…on Instagram!)

After my appointment on Monday, Matt and I treated ourselves to Starbucks and had their new Sulawesi Pango Pango coffee and it was amazing.

Olivia’s been sick all week (not happy!) but my Mom and MIL were able to pitch in so I could go back to work.

What made you happy this week?


2 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Glad you are back at work, Tiffany.
    We finished House of Cards this week. So compelling.

  2. Saying a prayer for you each day, will especially remember you tomorrow. Peace…

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