We Rise By Lifting Others

Dear sweet friends of Elastamom,

Hi there! I’m Sarah and I am guest posting on her blog today!

Quickly, let me share my my connection with Tiffany: Turn time back to 1999, and I am fairly certain I walked into her classroom as a freshman with overly “sun in’d” short hair, big ol’ silver braces, clunky Dr. Marten sandals, with my hand-me-down Abercrombie and Fitch attire. I was a total dork trying to fit it. Immediately I knew I had a super cool teacher and we would be friends at some point in our lifetime. The rest is history! I adore this woman, and I have been blessed to have her in my life for so long.

As most of you have probably read, Tiffany was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. This news is not only unfortunate, but downright gut-wrenching. It is with great comfort we know that Tiffany is under the care of amazing doctors, and she has a kick ass support system! Yet, the pain and the anger, and the daily burdens of life with cancer are still there. It’s so hard to fathom that in the mix of “normal” life, (whatever normal looks like) now, Tiffany will be dealing with the cancer life too.

Locally, different efforts are being made to raise money and provide meals for Tiffany and her family. However, I wanted to make sure all her faithful blogger friends had the chance to participate, should the desire arise. Bethany Gurzynski at Toledo Threads designed a shirt for Tiffany so we can show our love and support! If you want a shirt, please click on the link below.



Let’s love on this family during this tough time and especially on this resilient, authentic, amazing woman.


Thank you!!!


4 responses to “We Rise By Lifting Others

  1. I love it that you and Tiff became friends after she was your teacher! I’m sure she’s so touched by your love and support, and the t-shirt idea is awsome!

    • Isn’t that so fun? She’s like a sister to me! Heck, Matthew was the ring bearer in my wedding a few years ago! (My husband and I were both tiffanys students!) and im pretty sure I went to the hospital to see Matthew when he was born! 🙂 Then, this past summer, Gabe and Tiff spent a day with my son so I could enjoy a day off since I am a new mama! Crazy how things work!!!!

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