Last year, my word for 2014 was Free. I definitely made progress towards my goal of being truly free…but I’m not there yet. But I’m still working on it. I won’t give up because it’s too important to me.

This year, I decided my word for 2015 would be…simplify. Simplify. Everything. My thoughts. My life. My schedule. My being. Everything. Simplify.

calm life

If I want to say no, I will say no.



If something comes up, and it will add too much stress to my life or our lives, we simply won’t do it.



It’s important to our family that we spend quality time together. A lot of quality time together. The kids need it, Matt and I need it, our family needs it. In order to get this accomplished, I need to simplify my life.

choice quote

I won’t say yes when I really want to say no.

I won’t feel guilty for saying no and I won’t do things out of guilt.

I will remember that it’s wonderful, for all of us, to have Saturdays with nothing to do and Sundays free for board games or picnics or afternoon movies.

I will remember my priorities: Matt, Olivia, Gabe, Matthew. They will always be first and they will always be my choice.

I will remember that my children will remember the time we spent together and the love they felt more than anything else from their childhood.


I can do this.

What’s your word for 2015?

sprinkle quote


One response to “Simplify

  1. Cheers to simplifying, Tiffany. Great word with such good intentions. I cannot wait to hear how you try to simplify different aspects of your life.

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