That Damn Elf on the Shelf…Who I love!

I know it’s really late (and maybe lame?) to be posting my elf on the shelf pictures, but we (meaning Gabe, to be honest), did some really cool things with our elf. My friend Kelly, whose kids are too old for an elf, really wanted to see pictures of all of the cool things Buddy did this year. So I’m sharing…a little late. 😉 I have to say it’s soooooo nice to have Gabe on board so that, at 9:00 when I’m already snuggled in bed for the night and I forgot to do anything with the elf, he’s more that happy to cook something up.

This was my favorite one that Gabe came up with…astronaut Buddy!

buddy astronaut 2

He tried the wrong cookies!



buddy dog cookies 2

Then he played a little golf…

Buddy golfing 1



We caught him using my camera to take pictures of his friends…with mustaches!

buddy mickey jessie mustaches

I lied…this one was my favorite! Gabe made a mountain climbing Buddy…complete with backpack and ice pick!

buddy mountain 1

buddy mountain 5

He was our tiny tree topper too!

buddy tree topper 2

He had to try out our new Frozen Trouble game too!

buddy trouble 1

He caught the Grinch and tied him up good to keep him out of trouble!

grinch buddy 2

He was tired and made himself a hammock…

hammock buddy 1

Buddy was hiding a la E.T. one morning…

hiding buddy 1

Maybe the time he made himself out of Legos was my favorite…

lego buddy 2

lego buddy 4

Being our elf is hard work…he needed a nap…

napping buddy

He went “sledding” down our railing…

railing buddy 2

and read A Charlie Brown Christmas…

reading buddy 2

and left reminders to be nice, listen and clean up after themselves!

reminders buddy 1

And was practicing riding Rudolph home…

rudolph buddy

Being silly as a sandwich…

sandwich buddy 1

and did some target shooting…

shootin buddy

and channeled his inner Gabe…

soccer buddy 1

and felt a little adventurous on a flying trapeze…

trapeze buddy 2

trapeze buddy

and needed to relax a little…just like Mom…

wine buddy

and ziplining across the dining room!

ziplining buddy 1

ziplining buddy 2

He also got stuck outside one night…but someone forgot to take a picture! On the last night he left the kids a sweet poem before he went home with Santa. I’m always glad when he comes back…but even happier when he goes home! Honestly though, even though it’s a pain, we have so much fun planning things for him to do each day. We all love watching Matthew and Olivia run down the stairs each morning to see what he’s been up to!


2 responses to “That Damn Elf on the Shelf…Who I love!

  1. I want to have a baby but only if I get a guarantee that it’s a “Gabe” 😉 I’m betting that even when he screws up, he’s all remorseful and wise about it so it’s impossible to be mad at him?

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