Christmas 2014

Hey, I’m not that far behind! It’s only January 8th and I’m posting about Christmas! Woo hoo!!!

Christmas was wonderful. Busy, magical, full of excitement, too much food, too many events and more than enough love. Just like it ought to be!

I didn’t time the “all-three-in-front-of-the-tree” picture right…so they didn’t turn out very well. But, hey, it’s for posterity, right? They don’t have to be perfect.

all 3 tree 2

all 3 tree

family 1

I love watching them dance at the Lights at the Zoo. Even though he’s almost 13, he’ll still dance with his sister. Matthew will dance with her too. They never cease to amaze me. And I promise you, my husband is never more loved or never more sexy than when he takes our daughter’s hand and twirls her around.

kids lights 1

G O dance lights

M O dance lights

Matt O dance lights

Gabe got an iphone. He could barely contain himself. He paid us for most of it with money he received for Christmas. I haven’t seen him since…

G phone 1

G phone 2

Matthew was so excited over everything. I love how you can clearly see the excitement on his face. He was the most excited when we told the kids we are going to Orlando this summer and going to Disney, Universal and Legoland!

M disney

M minecraft 1

M soccer

M tree

Olivia just loves to open presents. She tears through them like a mad woman. She got lots and lots and lots of stuffed animals and movies. Are you surprised?

O movie

O olaf 2

Before we knew it, it was time to go back to school and take all of the decorations down. I’m always sad to see the season end. Are you?

tree 2


How was your Christmas and New Year’s?


3 responses to “Christmas 2014

  1. 1. I get what I call the “Christmas blueberries” every year (meaning I get depressed taking down the ornaments and such.)

    2. Gabe’s “my first iPhone” face SLAYED ME. I got teary. What is wrong with me.

  2. The memories you guys will make in FL will forever be a part of you. More so the time together than the magic of the place.

  3. I love that family picture. So gorgeous.

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