Halloween 2014…Better Late Than Never!

I realized the other day that I have many, many gorgeous pictures of my kids that I haven’t shared with you yet…because they were sitting unedited on my camera card!!! But over break, I finally loaded them on the computer, edited them and now can share them with you!

This was the first year that I was not home for trick-or-treat! I had a math teaching conference that went until the 31st so I thought I was all set…until our town changed trick-or-treating to the 30th! Luckily, Matthew’s school has a Halloween party the week before so I was able to get pictures. Gabe didn’t go to the party so there are none of him. He decided at the last minute to dress up for trick-or-treat but there aren’t any pictures!! (No Mom = No pictures.)

Matthew wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and couldn’t understand why, even though his costume was THE COOLEST, he didn’t win the contest. I told him it may or may not have something to do with the fact that there were at least 10 TNMTs there that evening. But he was the cutest.

M halloween 1

M halloween 2

M halloween 3

M halloween 4

Olivia wanted to be a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz. My MIL put together her costume for me, thank God. September and October are pretty much a blur, and if I would have had to come up with a munchkin costume, well, she would have had to be something else or I would have spent an exorbitant amount on a not-as-cute-as-this-one costume. She was so excited to dress up, but when we got to the party, she wouldn’t get out of the car. Luckily we were one of the trunk-or-treat cars so it worked out.

Isn’t she the prettiest munchkin you’ve ever seen? For the record, I tried to get her to carry her Wizard of Oz dolls, but it was Olaf’s turn.

O halloween 1

O halloween 4

O halloween 5

O halloween 6

M O halloween

Gabe wasn’t home when I took these or else I would have made him sit for the group shot without his costume. You know your kids are growing up when you can’t get them all together for a Halloween picture any more! He did carve his pumpkin. It involved a knife, after all. We also tried using the drill like we saw on Pinterest and, while it was fun, didn’t have the effect we had hoped. But they still turned out pretty good.

Olivia’s pumpkin rotted. Oops. So we were left with the Nike swoosh and a TNMT, of course.

G pumpkins 1

G pumpkins 3

G pumpkins 4

G pumpkins 5

M pumpkins 1

pumpkins 1

pumpkins 2

So there you have it. Halloween 2014. Better late than never, right?


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