Handsome Devil

My baby. Not so much a baby anymore. Especially with his he-chose-it-himself fauxhawk. Hard to believe a few  years ago, this is what he looked like in his Dad’s white shirt…

ws 2007

And now look at him! He’s a tall, skinny, handsome 9-year-old!

M white 1

He makes us laugh every day. Multiple times. He’s hilarious just like his Dad. And maybe his Mom too. At his 3rd grade student-led parent-teacher conference, right in the middle of speaking, he paused, looked at his shoe and said “I have dog poop on the bottom of my shoe!” He put his shoes in the hallway, washed his hands and came back to finish his conference. He looked around and said “That’s better! I’m just glad it was my shoes…I thought my Dad farted!” We all, his teacher included, laughed so hard we had tears coming out of our eyes.

M white 2\

M white 3

I took him to get his fauxhawk trimmed and the hairstylist was commenting on how thick his hair is. I said it’s just like his Dad’s and commented that, when Matt’s hair grows, it grows out and poufy instead of down, just like Matthew’s.

Matthew looked at me in shock and said “DAD’S HAIR GROWS?????”

M white 6 M pumpkins 2

His new favorite saying, when he notices sarcasm or a pun, is to look at us, point his finger like a gun and say “Oh! I see what you did there!”

M pumpkins 3

He’s a big thinker, very serious at times with many, many deep questions. He loves to talk and ask questions, yet he likes his quiet time to just be. He’s my baby. He’s my angel. He’s my heart.

M pumpkins 4

Love you, Matthew.


2 responses to “Handsome Devil

  1. So sweet, Tiffany.
    Enjoy your holidays. xo

  2. What a sweet post to your beautiful boy.

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