Happy This Week

It’s Winter Break!!!!!!!!! I have a workday on Monday and then I’m free!!!!!!!!

Three of my students from last year, who are now in high school, came to visit me this week. They just came and hung out for the afternoon in my room while I taught. I loved it. I miss them!

The kids, Matt, my Mom and I got hot chocolate and drove around and looked at Christmas lights. I love doing that…totally puts me in the spirit!

Christmas presents from students are the best! They know I love coffee, that’s for sure! 🙂 One of my students even got me a math ornament! How thoughtful is that??

Olivia loves to have a “screaming contest” after dinner each night. If you haven’t seen my Instagram video (@elastamom417), head over and check it out. She’s hilarious! Especially because she’s so quiet usually!

Christmas movies! We just love them.

It’s almost Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What made you happy this week?


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