November Things

***Finally linking up with Mamakat again: Share something you learned, bought, read and cooked in November.

Something I learned…

That it is imperative that I slow down and say no. We’ve had weekends and evening with time to just be together, all five of us, no rushing, no running around, no nothing, and it’s been amazing. I have to remember how much I love it when things are quiet. I forget so easily.

Something I bought…

Tickets to the OSU vs. Indiana game! Gabe and Matt went and it was Gabe’s first time at an OSU game. He loved it and was in awe the whole day! I got the tickets from a former student whose parents couldn’t use them that day. The seats were 11 rows from the field!

Something I read…

Three Wishes by Lianne Moriarty. It’s the story of triplets, Lynn, Gemma and Cat and all the ups and downs of their crazy lives. It was a fun, fluffy, mind-candy read. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever read, but it was definitely worth the read.

Something I cooked…

An entire Thanksgiving dinner!! It was delicious! I also made these “puffy tacos” from Pinterest that were delicious. I also made these salisbury steak meatballs from Pioneer Woman that were sooooooo good.

What did you learn, buy, read and cook in November?


3 responses to “November Things

  1. i’ve read three wishes too! i agree that it wasn’t the best but it was fun! i like that author a lot. another really good one i read by her was “the husband’s secret.”

  2. We picked the same prompt. Was this the first time you hosted Thanksgiving or do you do it every year? I LOVE that day! It is so worth the exhaustion.

  3. Good for you making an entire Thanksgiving dinner! I’ll have to check out those meatballs!

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