I’ve been really upset over Olivia’s special needs lately. It’s not because she’s driving me crazy, or because it’s too hard, or because she’s missing out socially. It’s because I feel as though most people, especially her teachers at school this year, who work with her every day, are underestimating her. For whatever reason, she is acting up this year. She’s refusing to walk from class to class, she’s lashing out at friends, she’s misbehaving in ways we haven’t seen in years. It’s upsetting. I feel like she’s the one in charge when she’s at school when it should be the other way around. I think the main reason she’s able to get away with it is because they are completely underestimating her and her abilities.

I know I’m her mother, and I’m biased, but my girl is very smart. She’s wise, she’s intelligent, she comprehends everything. She’s capable of being someone’s friend, of going to classes with her peers, of doing so many things. I hate it that people look at her and see a disability instead of just a person. A person who is amazing. A person who is capable of damn near anything if she’s given the chance.  It is so upsetting to watch your child be undervalued and underestimated just because she has a disability. I wish they could step in my shoes and see just how far she’s come, just how much she has to offer, just how fun and loving she can be.

I’m not giving up on her…and I’m not letting anyone else either.


4 responses to “Underestimated

  1. jordan STILL wants to come play with her!!

  2. I love the way you see all your children in such an amazing light. You know, that same light shines on your own back, too…

  3. We are raised in a world that does not accept differences, I know my Sophie is very smart but because she does not have the same abilities as every one else it is held against her. How amazing would the world be if people were accepted exactly the way they are with no judgment.

    People just do not understand that someone inability to perform exactly like everyone else is not wrong, it is just a different way.

  4. Yes to all of this, but most especially the part about her being underestimated and that’s why she’s getting away with so much at school. My Olivia is only eight and in first grade so we’re not there yet but one of my biggest fears is that she’ll end up with a teacher who doesn’t see how much she knows, doesn’t see how much she understands, doesn’t see how much she can twist others around her finger and get what she wants. Our girls are so sweet that it’s hard for people who don’t know them as well as we do to see that they can be manipulative too, they’re good at getting their way if those in charge of their day don’t stand their ground.

    I hope you get Olivia’s schooling settled soon. I’m sorry this year has been so hard for you.

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