Happy This Week

So…I’ve been feeling like I suck in most ways the last few weeks and not taking the time to write on this blog has definitely contributed to that feeling. I also haven’t read a blog in weeks which makes me bummed out. I’m trying…I’m really trying. Work and family life is just nuts right now…my house is a mess, we have thrown-together dinners on the fly, there’s laundry to be folded and put away and always, always, always school work to do. I pretty much feel like I’m drowning constantly. All of this to say I hope you’ll stick around because I will hopefully be back to writing on a regular basis soon.

And…I always manage to find some happy each week!

I had an awesome night last Friday with my friend Sarah. She was my student almost 16 years ago during my first year of teaching. We’ve stayed in touch throughout the years and become wonderful friends. I love when we get to hang out and talk!

I was able to have breakfast with my dear friend, Molly, on Sunday. We both got a little teary when we finally saw each other because it’s been almost 10 years since we’ve seen each other. It felt like home, honestly. I was so happy to be with her for a few hours. Hope we get to do it again soon!

I made it to the gym almost every day this week even if it was just a quick workout. Woohoo! That makes me feel better.

One of my students brought me a pumpkin spice latte this week! She was coming in late because of an orthodontist appointment and said she was bringing Starbucks for her and her friend. I jokingly said “you better bring me one!” and she did!!

I finished (can you believe it?) a really good James Patterson book, Invisible. I thought I had it all figured out and then he surprised me!!! It was a great book.

Matt and I hadn’t been getting along at all the last few weeks. We had a big blowout on Sunday and put everything out on the table. We are sooooo much better now and that makes me VERY happy!!

New TV came back on this week!! PARENTHOOD! GREY’S! GOLDBERGS! THE MIDDLE! MODERN FAMILY! LAW AND ORDER SVU! I’m so excited!!!

We don’t have a crazy (for us anyway) schedule this weekend and we might actually get to chill a little bit. September is always nuts and it’s always nice when things start to slow down a bit.

I love my job! That makes me happy every day!

My children are amazing. Truly. I just relish in their awesomeness each and every day.

Even though he sometimes drives me crazy, and we go through our rough patches, I have the best husband of all time. Lucky in love over here. (Easier to remember some days better than others… 😉 )

What made you happy this week?


3 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. Hope things settle down for you, Tiffany. Have a good weekend!

  2. what made me happy this week? running into you at the kids’ cross country meet! 🙂

  3. Beth FS and I were so jealous that Molly was going to see you!

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