Happy This Week

Three therapy dates this week: one with my actual therapist, a wine date with my BFF and a date with my hairdresser who definitely counts as a therapist!

Gabe’s soccer practices are right by my Mom’s new house so, when it’s my night to carpool, the kids and I usually hang out over there while we wait for Gabe. I love having regular “dates” with my Mom.

The weather here in Ohio has been gorgeous. It’s been cool, sunny and delightful! I’m so glad I’m not sweating my butt off in my classroom any more!

Good friends are lifeblood, aren’t they? I’m so thankful I have such good friends.

A new haircut and new color always makes me feel better. I got dark red/violet highlights! Love them.

We only have one soccer game this weekend! While I love watching my boys play, it’s also nice to have a break!

I get to hang out with my friend Sarah tonight!

Lastly, one of my best friends from college is in town and I get to see her on Sunday! It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve seen her!!! I can’t wait!!

What made you happy this week?


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