Happy This Week

For any of you still out there reading, I am so sorry that this is my first post this week. I am barely treading water over here. Hopefully with a couple of weeks of school under my belt, I’ll be back to it more regularly. I miss writing!!

We had open house on Monday night (makes for the longest Monday ever!) and I had quite a few parents come. I love meeting my kids’ parents!

I also had Gabe and Olivia’s open house this week (can you say longest week ever?) and I really enjoyed meeting all of their teachers too!

One of my dear friends teaches at Gabe and Olivia’s school and I got to catch up with her for a bit. I miss my friends and love when I get the chance to chat with them.

We hired a new 8th grade math teacher this year and he is awesome! I’m old enough to be his mother, but let’s not talk about that. He’s a great addition to our team!

I am so thankful to have a mother I adore, who is fun to be with, who is gorgeous and who helps me whenever I need it. She makes me happy!

Gabe’s team got absolutely crushed last week at the soccer tournament. He went back to practice this week with a smile on his face and with tons of energy. What a kid I have!

I am having some issues with Olivia’s day, let’s say, and I am so happy that I have friends I can vent to and get action plan ideas from!

I got to babysit my friend’s 3 month old last Saturday night. We played, he cooed, he pooped, he ate and we cuddled. It was fun!

Olivia’s so happy when I pick her up after school. My heart just about bursts I’m so happy to see her.

I haven’t spent a lot of time with the kids this week (hello two open houses and soccer and work) and I’m so thankful and happy we have a three-day weekend to catch up with each other!

What made you happy this week?


One response to “Happy This Week

  1. The first week of school must be so frantic as both a mother and teacher. I hope everything settles in soon and you can enjoy the new school year.

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