Happy This Week

We all survived the first week back to school! Woo hoo!

My students are awesome. I love my job…that is a very happy feeling!

Project Runway! I miss new TV!!

I held two brand new babies this week. I wanted to take them home with me!

Gabe’s new soccer team practices 10 minutes away from my Mom. On my night to drive, we go and hang out with my Mom. Love it!

Carpooling for soccer! Thank GOD!

Olivia’s new clothes…she is the cutest.

Matthew was SOOOOO excited to go back to school!

Gabe was excited even though he wouldn’t admit it!

Olivia had a great first day! (According to her…I honestly have no idea so I’m going with her answer!)

It’s Friday!!!

Soccer tournament this weekend! I’m excited to see Gabe’s new team!

My BFF’s son (the one that was really sick?) went to school this week!! He’s on the mend and we are so happy. We went over on Wednesday and he was up and looked so much better and Olivia jumped up and down with excitement. I love that our kids love each other too!

What made you happy this week?


One response to “Happy This Week

  1. Glad the first week of school was successful!

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