NYC part IV

The next day we decided to take the advice from the locals we met at Mood and the Three Monkeys and head to the neighborhoods: Soho, Tribeca, Greenwich and Chelsea. The neighborhoods (boroughs?) are so much quieter and cooler than Times Square. We loved it. We took the Highline to get there which was so beautiful. It’s this old train track above ground that they converted into a walking path and a garden.

highline 1

highline 2

highline 3

highline pano

We ate at a cool cafe in Soho and saw random people sitting on toilets with their underwear around their ankles for a photoshoot. I love that about NYC! Randomness everywhere! We then headed to Chelsea Market which was so cool I wish we had one at home. Just funky, unique, fun stores to check out in a very cool building.

chelsea market 1

chelsea market 5

chelsea market 6

After Chelsea Market, we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. We had walked so much that day, we only walked halfway across and back. Then we remembered we had to walk all the way back to our hotel. 3.3 miles away!

brooklyn bridge 8

brooklyn bridge 11

brooklyn bridge 2

brooklyn bridge 4

brooklyn bridge pano

We hiked all the way back to our hotel just in time for free wine. Matt was making me laugh because he wouldn’t let me take his picture!

matt hotel 4

matt hotel 1

Because we had been walking for 8 hours straight, and had wine, we took a nap at 6 p.m. How’s that for vacation without kids? When we woke up around 8, we headed to Broadway to eat at Juniors and see Times Square and Broadway at night. It was so busy we were shoulder to shoulder walking down the sidewalk! We got to Juniors just in time to grab a table before all of the shows let out. I had the best cheesecake of my life…and you all know I’m a cheesecake connoisseur! I really wanted to lick the plate. Just plain NY style cheesecake and it was out of this world. Matt and I split one meal all week because the portions were huge, to save money and so that we could have dessert!

times squae pano

times square 1

times square 3

It was another fun but exhausting day!

Fun Surprising NYC fact #3 from Matt and Tiffany: New Yorkers are not rude…but if they are you totally understand because there are people everywhere all the time! Also, the homeless population just makes you sad and want to do whatever you can to increase mental health awareness. Lots of homeless people talking to themselves…loudly.


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  1. Yep, Juniors cheesecake is the best! Jealous!

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