Happy This Week

My friend was inspired by me to treat herself to a manicure…that made my day!

I went for a bike ride with my 17-year-old niece and my 20-year-old nephew. I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like…it was so nice to just hang out and catch up!

My friend, Kelley, had us over to swim on Monday. We had a blast! In fact, we’re going back today!

The boys and I had a fun week while Olivia was at day camp. We went to the movies (Maleficent—awesome!), went out to lunch, went to my school for a bit, played basketball, soccer, made balloon powered Lego cars, baked and went swimming. It was a wonderful week for the three of us!

When I stopped by school, one of my former students was in the gum playing basketball and he ran out and gave me a hug and chatted with me for a bit. Very few things make you feel as good as when you’re almost-15-year-old student who is now 6 feet tall runs up and gives you a hug and is genuinely glad to see you!

My mom moved into her new house!

Realizing how lucky I am to have the best family and friends a girl could ask for!

What made you happy this week?


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