Play Ball

There’s just something about a boy in a baseball uniform, isn’t there? He’s learned so much from sports, but from baseball especially. His first game of the season, he struck out all three times at bat. He was devastated. He didn’t give up. He practiced that whole week and he’s only struck out once or twice since. A boy on his team has been mean to him in the dugout, and instead of hating baseball because of it, he talks to me about it and we discuss strategies for dealing with it and why this supposed friend is being so mean in the first place. He took a bad bounce to the face last weekend and earned his first baseball-induced bloody nose. He was upset but he’s excited to get back out there and play. He’s learning it’s ok to fail, even the best of us strike out from time to time, and to not give up and keep trying. That’s a good lesson, don’t you think?

Plus, he’s the most adorable baseball player ever.

M ball 11 bw

M ball 13 bw

M ball 12 bw

M bball 1 bw

M bball 3 bw

M bball 4 bw

M bball 6 bw

M bball 7 bw

M bball 9 bw

M bball 8 bw

M bball 13 bw

M bball 14 bw


One response to “Play Ball

  1. That first photo is so exquisite! I hope you have that in a big frame at home.

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