Ride On


When I’m watching her on her horse, I am amazed. Seeing her so confident and full of joy up on her horse is a wonderful thing. She’s fallen off the horse twice in the past year, yet she gets right back on and rides. Isn’t that a great lesson for all of us?

Plus, she’s so damn beautiful. Inside and out.

all of us HB riding 2

O look at matt

O ride 1 June

O ride 2 June

O ride 3 June

O ride 4 June

O ride 5 June

O ride 6 June

O ride 10 June

O ride 12 June

O thumbs up 2 June

O thumbs up June


2 responses to “Ride On

  1. The photo with her arms up is amazing!!!
    Olivia looks gorgeous in red and looks like such a natural on a horse !!!
    So cool !!!

  2. She looks so proud of herself, as she should. I love these pictures. I also love the lesson Olivia is teaching us about trying and trying and trying again.

    I wish my Olivia would try to ride a horse but she hates all animals. Seriously, all of them. She freaks when our cat looks at her, let alone tries to rub against her leg. A horse would terrify her.

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