Happy This Week!

Matt has been gone fishing with friends for 8 days…he comes home this weekend! I survived!!

Olivia has been a real pill lately. I don’t know if it’s hormones, boredom or what, but she’s been kind of a nightmare. Olivia went to her beloved Mrs. D’s house for a few hours on Wednesday. The boys and I had a day date! We went mini golfing, go karting, shopping for World Cup soccer balls and lunch T Chipotle! Gabe said “You’ve been so relaxed today!” I said, yes, I needed a break! The boys said they did too. It was a great day…and I let them have a sleepover that night too! And we were all glad to see Olivia at the end of the afternoon.

Therapy!! If I could go daily, I probably would!

Since Matt’s been gone, I’ve been watching Sex and the City every night. I forgot how good that show was! Except Carrie and Big are kind of a bad fit, aren’t they?

My sister and I hung out at the pool with the kids this week. It was so fun!

My BFF and I had workout time and wine time together this week!

My friend Sherri took me out to lunch this week too…so good to catch up!wish we could do it more often!

The kids and I have been watching Full a House together. Oh the memories!! They love it! I’m so glad my friend let us borrow her DVDs!

What made you happy this week?


One response to “Happy This Week!

  1. Sounds like a great week. Something is in the air, my boys are really pushing buttons too. As for my happy this week, my friends played a huge part of my happiness too. And I got to play in a splash pad (um, splash padS) with my boys. I love summer.

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