Summer Reads I

My absolute favorite part of summer is reading! I try not to feel guilty when I lay down in my favorite spot and read for an hour or so in the morning or in the middle of the day. I L-O-V-E to read!! Here’s what I’ve read so far…

The Condition by Jennifer Haigh

This was an awesome book. I really enjoy books about family dynamics where the author really delves into each character. This one fit that bill! The McKotch family travels to the beach every summer with their extended family and stays together in the same beach house. In the summer of 1976, the family notices that Gwen, who is 13, is not developing in the same way as her cousin of the same age. Tests later reveal that Gwen has Turner’s Syndrome. After that diagnosis, the family falls apart. But is it because of her diagnosis, or were they already broken? The book follows each of the three McKotch children and both parents after Gwen’s diagnosis. One brother, Billy, struggles to reveal his sexuality to his family. The other brother, Scott, is stuck in a bad marriage and an even worse job. Gwen struggles to make a life for herself given her condition. Frank, the father, is having a difficult time being single and getting old. Paulette, the mother, can’t help meddling in her children’s lives. It’s definitely worth the read!

Alex Cross, Run by James Patterson

Somehow I missed this one by Patterson. Alex Cross is chasing three serial killers, one of whom is after him and his family, while trying to keep his new foster daughter off drugs! There are two serial killers working together, one killing beautiful, blonde women and the other killing young male prostitutes. The other serial killer is working alone, out for revenge against Alex and the D.C. police for a fatal mistake they made in the past. This lone killer is also after Alex’s family…and trying to make a family of his own. It’s fast-paced, thrilling and classic Patterson.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

I have only read one book by King, 11/22/63, which I loved, and couldn’t resist this follow up to Danny Torrance, the little boy from The Shining. Danny is all grown-up, struggling with alcoholism and “the shining”. He suddenly starts communicating via the shining with young Abra Stone. The True Knot, a group of seemingly normal traveling RVers, are after Abra for her shining. The True Knot survives off torturing and killing children with the shining and “eating” their “steam” as they die. Abra has an incredible shining talent and they must have her. Dan is helping Abra survive this terrible group that is after her. It’s very creepy, scary and fantastic! It’s a long book but a quick read because of the fast pace. If you’re not into scary, don’t read it! Or if you think you’ll be afraid of RVers for the rest of your life, give it a pass. If you’re up for the scare, give it a try. I LOVED it!!


2 responses to “Summer Reads I

  1. I’m so excited to read again after only being able to read text books, class material, and student-written stories. I love Stephen King because I think he’s our Charles Dickens. He’s an amazing writer who develops great characters and plots. On his scarier stuff, I just read right through. Hmmm, I may get Doctor Sleep after all.

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