Fresh Cut

Matt and I have been debating for about a year now over whether or not to get Olivia’s hair cut. I like it long because I can do all sorts of fun stuff with it: fishtail braids, French braids, messy buns, everything. I love doing her hair. Plus, it’s easy to just throw it up in some sort of fancy ‘do. Lately though, I’ve been leaning towards getting it cut. She’s having some acne issues on her back and I thought it might help to get it cut. Plus, it’s summer and her hair is super thick so I thought it might feel good to get it cut. She had enough to donate, so we went for it.


O face 1



It’s amazing! She LOVES it!!! It’s shorter and stacked in the back…so cute! I’m so glad we did it. Plus, we were able to donate it!!!

Matthew decided he wanted a buzz cut for summer. After my wonderful hairstylist, Christy, buzzed it, he started bawling. He was in shock…he didn’t realize it would be so short! HA! But as you can see in the picture below, he’s happy about it now. I think he looks tough.


We’re all set now for summer with our summer haircuts!


5 responses to “Fresh Cut

  1. Olivia’s new “do” is fabulous! She really is a fashionista!!!!
    I can see her asking for red highlights like her mommy in a few years 🙂

  2. I love all their cuts. So much cuteness.

  3. Good looking children!

  4. They all look adorable!

  5. The new summer ‘do looks so cute. I love the shorter style. It frames Olivia’s face beautifully.

    My son, 21yo, gets his hair buzz cut every summer too.

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