Happy This Week

Tons and tons of striped socks for awareness of Cri du Chat syndrome! Woo hoo!!!

One of my students told me, so earnestly, that she was really going to miss me next year. She said “Not only are you my favorite teacher, but you make math so easy to understand.” Is there anything better than that??

My 20-year high school reunion is coming up and people have been posting pictures on Facebook from our younger years and I love it! My Dad has most of our pictures from growing up so I don’t get to see them very often. It’s so fun!! And the memories…they just flood in from a picture don’t they?

New TV this week! I’m going to be bummed when they’re done for the season…BUT Orange is the New Black comes back in June!!! Now I just need more House of Cards and Parenthood!

It’s been so warm and sunny this week and it’s heavenly! After that tortuous winter, it feels so good.

I got a new haircut and I’m obsessed with it. It was just a small change that made a big difference to me! My hairstylist is amazing! Seriously, I just show her a picture and she does it.

Matthew was trying to tell me that he didn’t make me anything for Mother’s Day and he couldn’t stop smiling. It was so cute seeing him try to disguise it!

Statewide testing is over! I hate statewide testing and it’s a giant pain in the ass stress mess. So glad it’s over.


What made you happy this week?


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