Most Days

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There are days when I see Olivia’s classmates riding their bikes, posting on Instagram, walking to get coffee after school and my heart absolutely aches for all that won’t be.

But most days? Everything feels right with my world.

Olivia’s hormonal but there’s no drama with friends or about boys. I’m not worried about SnapChat and Kik and inappropriate selfies. We’re not arguing over the length of her shorts or how late she can stay out on a Friday night.

I still get to cuddle with my girl, watch Disney movies and delight in the hilariousness that comes out of her mouth.

I get compliments and kisses instead of being embarrassing and annoying.

I get to see the best in so many people. I get to see how she brings out the best in people.

I have sons who will stop and help their sister put on her shoes or her coat. I have sons who play hide-and-seek and blow bubbles for their sister. I have sons who are proud of her accomplishments. I have sons who understand what’s important in life.

It’s not always easy to focus on this wonderful gift I’ve been given and to appreciate all of the happy around me.

But most days? I wouldn’t change a thing.

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4 responses to “Most Days

  1. Love you and your beautiful heart.

  2. You have such a generous spirit. Olivia is lucky to have you and her brothers, and dad.

  3. Lovely. Appreciating your abundance. What a great way to celebrate life.

  4. You inspired me in so many ways!!! Thank you…

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