The Universe Knows

***An oldie but goodie to share with you today…from 2010…and the Universe still knows…***

I swear The Universe knows when I need something. This has happened ever since Olivia was born. She would go through a rut where she hadn’t made any progress and I would be beside myself with worry…and then she’d smile…or laugh…or crawl…or feed herself…or walk. It always happens that way. I like to think it’s The Universe’s way of teaching me a lesson…to just take one day at a time and to be in the now. I try…oh how hard I try…but some days get the best of me. (See yesterday’s post.)

So here’s what Olivia brought home yesterday. A sweet little poem that she wrote at school. She had to fill in the blanks. I wept when I read it because it paints such a beautiful picture of our sweet little life.

Inside My House by Olivia Townsend
Inside I smell chocolate chip cookies.
Inside I see my Mom waking me up.
Inside I touch Fievel.
Inside I taste sweet Oreos.
Inside I hear Dumbo playing on the TV.

It’s simple and sweet, but to me it speaks volumes. It was exactly what I needed yesterday. Thank you, Universe.


9 responses to “The Universe Knows

  1. LOVE that picture! And hello? She didn’t just say Oreos…she said “sweet oreos” – what an appropriate adjective!!

  2. Don’t you love when that happens? I’m so glad you got a little boost right when you needed it!

  3. Glad you linked back to the Oreo story – I’d missed it. Funny!
    And SO glad O’s poem hugged you right where you needed it.

  4. OH! YES! I totally get it! This is just magical! I noticed the “sweet Oreos” too! That’s really inspiring to me!

  5. The girl knows what the sweet things of life are all about! That poems speaks well of that!

  6. It’s not the universe my dear. It is your sweet daughter! She knows! 🙂

  7. Jennifer Casebolt

    The poem was adorable, and she did it all by herself. The poem was fill in the blank for everyone else as well! She even typed the last word in every sentence all by herself. She is such a blessing in my class! 🙂

  8. She is such an amazing little girl! Love the poem:) See what you get for taking the time to dance!!!

  9. Love it and I’m a firm believer in that as well 😉

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