What I Couldn’t Say

***Linking up with MamaKat today: Write about a blog post you didn’t publish.***

Besides family posts that I would LOVE to write because they would be amazing to write about, but I won’t to protect people’s privacy and feelings, I typically write whatever I feel.

But there are two posts that I couldn’t finish.

One was for therapy. I had to write a letter to myself as a little girl. I’m still working on it. It’s much more difficult than I thought. I just can’t do it. It’s weird. I go to start and I either don’t even know where to start or I’m flooded with so many things I can’t pick one.

One was to my future daughters-in-law. I got so overwhelmed with all that I wanted to say to them, about how good and wonderful my sons are, about how I hope they love Olivia and include her like we do, about how I hope they include me too, but I just couldn’t make it work.

I guess they were too close to the heart. Which is weird because I feel like I share everything. But, alas, they sit there unpublished and half-written.

Do you have any posts that you couldn’t write?


7 responses to “What I Couldn’t Say

  1. I think writing about yourself is even harder than writing to yourself! I just had to work on a bio – blech!

  2. I’ve had posts like that. I’ve learned that some things are just meant to stay in my head not be shared or, perhaps not shared at this point in time. That’s okay. As bloggers, we share so much of ourselves with our readers that we sometimes forget to keep some things just for us.

  3. There is so much I would love to share about my daughter, but it just isn’t mine to share. Sometimes I start just because I am either frustrated or proud, but then I always hit delete or just save it to share with just her one day. But writing a letter to my younger self. That could be a book! Visiting from Mama Kat’s!

  4. Ugh. Yes. Many. I keep a “blog document” where most posts begin, and many are left to flounder… I write and get the words out, let them carry the weight. But I’ve discovered that just because I can make a thought go quiet doesn’t mean I’ve gotten rid of it… I’m glad I can revisit them and give them company with new words, wrest more meaning from the meaningless, rediscover more good in the world. I’ve been scared to publish my ideas about abortion and sometimes I shy away from *another* post about feeling sad and missing Cel. I’ve tried to write a little to a future daughter (or son) in law, too — SO MUCH to say 🙂

  5. You’re such a great writer, I bet you have some really beautiful things to share with your future kid in laws. 🙂 And I can imagine how challenging it would be to address your younger self. I don’t think I could do it either.

  6. All the time. Mostly I don’t write because I’m still protective of my family’s privacy (namely, my husband and kids). Doesn’t do well for a mom blogger though 🙂

    I don’t end up writing posts that would unfairly define my kids as they grow up. For instance, right now they don’t read this blog, but I know eventually they might, or their friends might, and I would hate to categorize them, or highlight an event in their past that would put them in an awkward or embarrassing situation.

    I tend to write about what I learned from parenting without unfairly putting my kids or husband in situations where they didn’t ask to be. It’s tough, and tempting to just put all my info out there (it would probably make for better traffic, too). But I can’t do that to them, so I focus more on me and what I learn, while respecting their private lives.

  7. Visiting from Mama Kat’s here – hello!
    I often have posts like that…they start and just don’t go anywhere. Or, like you said, they go everywhere and all over the place because there is just SO much I want to put in there. I generally abandon them, letting them fester in my drafts box. I figure when the time and the words are right, maybe they’ll take shape!
    Have a great day!

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