What 12 Looks Like

12 sign

all 3 porch 2 bw

all 3 porch 3

all 3 porch silly

g cake 2

g cake 5

g horse 3

g messi jersey 2

g vpersie jersey 2

gabe 1

gabe 2 bw

gabe 3

gabe 4

gabe O

o kiss gabe


5 responses to “What 12 Looks Like

  1. The last pic!!! I can’t. You are in for it in a few years, mama. Gilrls will be lined up around the block!

  2. Happy Birthday, Gabe!

  3. Happy Birthday, Gabe! Great snapshots of him.

  4. Amazing.

  5. Great pictures! My 10 year old loves soccer mad has that same Manchester United jersey…and my daughter that dress! 🙂

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