Books, Please!

I love how much I love to read. Gabe has fallen off the reading wagon (as I know is typical for boys his age) and I’m desperately looking for books to bring him back. I am so very thankful my Mom instilled a love of reading in me. There is nothing I’d rather do more than read a great book. How about you?

Here’s what I’ve read lately…

Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff

I wanted so badly to like this book. It’s why I kept reading. It had to get better, I had to find out where the missing Matthew was and why he left his wife and child and dog, Honey, I just had to! But, alas, it didn’t get better. It wasn’t that shocking of a reason as to why Matthew left. It wasn’t that great of a book. I always feel duped when I keep reading because it has to get better…and then it doesn’t. Don’t waste my time! Mila and her father are from England and set off for New York to help find Mila’s father’s long lost friend, Matthew. He has disappeared on his wife and baby son. The story is told from Mila’s point of view; I did enjoy Mila’s character quite a bit. That’s probably the main reason I kept reading. Maybe it’s a sign I’ve read too many books, but lately it seems as though the “surprise and shocking” ending is never that much of a surprise or that shocking to me. Oh well. Rosoff did a great job of capturing the mind of a teenager in Mila, but other than that, I was pretty disappointed.

The Bird Eater by Ania Ahilborn

This was my March selection from my wonderful and worth-every-penny Amazon prime membership. In addition to the free shipping, I get a free book per month. I love it! I picked this one because the reviewer said it was so scary she had a hard time falling asleep. I love all things horror-related and knew this would be right up my alley.

I couldn’t put it down!

It is very scary and if you don’t like the idea of ghosts and haunted house or gory deaths, pass on this one. But, if you’re a horror junkie like me, you will absolutely love it. The main character, Aaron Holbrook, has returned to his tiny hometown 20 years after the mysterious death of his aunt in their house. Supposedly abandoned by his mother, and raised by his aunt, Aaron was whisked away to live with distant relatives when his aunt died. After a terrible tragedy rocks Aaron’s world and his marriage, he heads back to his hometown to fix up his aunt’s desolate house and either sell it or live there. Aaron is struggling to survive his tragedy and he feels as though this house may be his savior.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

The house has remained untouched for 20 years. Rumors have swirled around town that it’s haunted by an evil, evil spirit. Aaron begins to fix up the house and terrible things start happening. That’s about all I can tell you without giving anything away. There’s a wonderfully unexpected twist at the end and Ahilborn doesn’t care about a happy ending or closure. Just what I like in an author! This book was scary, thrilling, creepy and amazingly horror-ific!

Cross My Heart by James Patterson
Patterson is one of my all-time favorites, but his last several books have left me feeling “meh”. This one perked me right back up. It is a definite high octane thriller which reminded me of the first time I read Along Came a Spider. Alex Cross is at it again. The murder rate is on the rise in D.C. and Alex is tapped to solve them and solve them fast. On top of your “run of the mill murders”, there is a kidnapper of babies on the loose and the runaway girl who lived with Alex’s family for a while is missing and accused of murder. There’s A LOT going on in this book but the best part is that Alex and his entire family are being hunted by a criminal mastermind. Thierry Mulch, the bad guy, is ridiculously skilled at plotting against the Cross family and thinks of everything. His goal is to kidnap and kill the entire family, leaving Alex with nothing and no clue as to who did it. Will he succeed??? This book sure leaves you hanging!!! I loved it… I felt like Patterson was back.

The Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell

A book written by yet another of my favorite authors who has been rather disappointing lately; this one, however, was great. Although Cornwell can be a tad verbose, especially in her explanations of medical procedures relating to her cases, I felt as though her storytelling was back on track with this one. The case she is trying to solve is very intriguing. A ginormous prehistoric sea turtle becomes entwined with some fishing line that is holding a dead body. Is this dead body somehow related to the missing paleontologist Scarpetta’s recently been working on? Is the dead body the wife of the man whose trial Scarpetta is involved with? Marino is back in center stage too, along with Benton and Lucy. I really enjoy when they are in the mix too. If you like Cornwell’s books, especially her early ones, you’ll enjoy this one too. There is sexual tension throughout and they are racing against the clock to figure out “whodunit”. There’s even an excellent surprise at the end.

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

Moriarity wrote one of my favorite “fluff” reads, What Alice Forgot, so when my friend at work told me about this book, I was very excited. It did not disappoint. It’s definitely of the “fluff” book genre but I rather enjoy that at times. Especially after the horror and death books I had been reading! Moriarty does a great job of interweaving all of her characters; at the beginning you’re not sure how all of these characters are going to come together and then, when they do, you’re sort of in awe at how she does it so seamlessly. This book is set in Australia (which was a fun change) and the main characters are Cecelia Fitzpatrick, supermom and Tupperware salesperson extraordinaire, Tess O’Leary, recently self-diagnosed with social anxiety and Rachel Crowley, a widowed mother whose daughter was murdered 30+ years ago.

Cecelia’s husband is the one with the secret that will ripple through and affect everyone in the story. But, of course, I’m not going to spill the secret here! It’s a doozy, that’s for sure. I couldn’t put it down and really enjoyed it. It’s not an earth-shattering-top-10-of-all-time book or anything, but it’s a fun, interesting and entertaining read. If you’ve read it, or after you’ve read it, I’d love to talk to you about the ending. I imagine this would be a great book for a book club discussion.

Have you read anything good lately? Any suggestions for books for Gabe?


7 responses to “Books, Please!

  1. Bahahaha I LOVE Liane Moriarty and she is highfalutin’ in this house 😉 I don’t know if you’re into audiobooks but with my hour long commute each way, I’m obsessed. I could recommend some awesome narrators.

    PS What kinda of genre does Gabe like–I read a quirky book a few weeks ago that was kind of rom-comy but I could see certain teenage boys liking it

  2. I love your book reviews!! Definitely want to read The Bird Eater. I used to love James Patterson but have t read any if his stuff in years. Maybe I’ll try this one! The Husband’s Secret sounds good too! I will be done with school in 2 weeks and can’t wait to start reading again!!!!

  3. Erin VanDeusen

    I’ll have to read “the husbands secret” I liked “what Alice forgot.” I am currently reading “the returned” which the new ABC show Resurrection is based on. Has Gabe read “three times lucky” or “wonder”?? My son is also reading a fantasy book right now that he is loving..I will get back to you..have to ask him the title 🙂

  4. TIffany, you are the third person to recommend “The Husband’s Secret.” I will definitely check it out. I just finished This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathon Tropper and The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Both are excellent reads.

    Happy reading!

  5. I really enjoyed The Husband’s Secret too! I have all but given up on James Patterson and Patricia Cornwell though. I haven’t read anything from either of them for several years, although I used to read them religiously. Maybe I should give these latest two a try again.

    When my 8 year old gets in a reading slump, I encourage him to read something he has already read or even something silly and fun that is below his reading level. Sometimes an easy, fun read like Captain Underpants or Geronimo Stilton will get him back in the reading mood.

  6. I did not know the Scarpetta series was still going on. I had gotten old to me but I check out this one.

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