Happy Last Week

Ack! We were out of town and I missed a Happy This Week Post!! It’s par for the course lately.

Last week was spring break for all of us. That’s plenty of happy, right?

Olivia got her braces and did really well…and looks gorgeous!

Olivia also got fitted for her new scoliosis brace. That’s not a happy thing, but she did great and I’m anxious to get her spine back to normal.

All of us got our hair cut. I looooove getting my hair cut and the boys look so damn cute when they get their hair cut!

We went to Hocking Hills for 3 days. It poured rain the entire time we were there so no hiking and no pictures…but it was fun to get away.

While in Hocking Hills, we spent the evening with my BFF Amy and her whole family. That was the highlight of the trip for sure!

Hot tub at the cabin!

Cheesecake Factory for lunch on the way home!

MATT GOT ME AN IPHONE!!! It was an early birthday present and I was shocked and excited. I finally have a great phone!!!

What made you happy last week?


2 responses to “Happy Last Week

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  2. Enjoy your new phone! They are great for photographs (of new haircuts…hint hint…).
    Happy Early Birthday!!!
    Wishing my favorite writer all the best!

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