Metal Mouth

We’ve been working towards this for a few years now. It started with quick visits to the office just to get used to the place. We then moved on to examinations and pictures and pretty soon we were talking about braces. We were worried about how she would handle it, if she could handle it, but we wanted to give it a try. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve a beautiful smile? We decided to take it slow, putting braces on top first and then the bottom once we see how it goes.

Yesterday. Was the big day and she was a total rock star, as usual. She never ceases to amaze me, my girl. We had been talking it up for weeks and she was excited. I couldn’t believe she set still for over an hour and did exactly as she was asked. It was amazing! The staff was wonderful with her.

Is she not the cutest Miss Metal Mouth??







After it was over, we took her to the Disney store where she picked out Walter, her new BFF, from Muppets. Doesn’t she look happy?


Yet another tale to add to my “Olivia is my hero and a total rock star” book!


5 responses to “Metal Mouth

  1. My hero!!! I had braces for six years but I still think it was worth it!

  2. she’s simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  3. She really is amazing. She looks like a girl who has never known anything but love. I just want to say that I love you for that.

  4. She is the coolest!!! Yay Olivia!!!

  5. That is really impressive. And she does look adorable!

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