Happy This Week

Manicure baby! I asked her for something springy and fun. Did she deliver or what?

Therapy! I love my therapist. She is truly amazing. I’m so thankful to have her in my life!

Five after school games of basketball with my soon-to-be-12-year-old son. We both won two and then had a tiebreaker…which he won. Dang it!

NCAA March Madness “tailgate” party in my room for lunch at school to watch OSU. It was so fun! The Buckeyes lost but it was still fun.

I love nothing more than when Matthew runs up to me for one more hug or one more kiss.

Olivia read me a book yesterday! She giggled the whole way through as if to say “I can’t believe I’m reading my Mom a book!”

Olivia told her teacher we were “going overseas” for spring break but we were letting her stay home alone. Isn’t she a riot? “Overseas”? Where does she get these ideas??

Her new thing is also to say she’s pregnant or ask others if they’re pregnant. It’s really funny. Until she asks a stranger who may be on the heavy side. Then no one will be laughing!

My girls at school had Divergent spirit week this week and asked me to participate since I’m a fan of the book too. We dressed in the faction colors all week! Today is Dauntless!

My 16-year-old niece and I are going to see Divergent together on Sunday. I never get to spend time with just her…I’m SO excited. I hope she is too!

Gabe’s birthday is Monday and we are celebrating on Saturday. He’s SOOO excited for his birthday and I’m excited to put on a celebration for him!

Matt and I are going on a date tonight! We’re trying a new restaurant and then going to the French exhibit at the art museum. Ooh-la-la!!!

What made you happy this week?


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